Hungry as a Hippo: A Burger Joint Review

Are you a burger person? I am not. When I go to a fastfood restaurant, I usually choose the pasta or the rice meal, rarely the burger meal. But I do appreciate a good burger. It’s my carbo of choice when I watch movies.

Here in San Pedro, Laguna we have this burger joint along the national hi-way that I’ve always been curious about. It’s the Hungry Hippo. I wanted to try it for months and only got to do so December. It’s more expensive than Minute Burger or Burger Machine, but definitely worth a try.

The Place

It’s very unassuming to the point of unnoticeable. It has a run-down down look and feel, which might be the reason why there aren’t many customers milling around. A new coat of paint and several comfortable chairs would do wonders for this burger joint.

Hungry hippo san pedro laguna

Took me a while to finish this burger. Worth the wait!

The Food

As expected, there weren’t too many options. But there’s chicken and fish options for those who do not want their 100% pure beef burgers. I ordered their best-selling burger — the one with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cheese for P120. It’s a big burger, bigger than a McDonald’s quarter pounder. Clearly, it was designed for people with big appetites.

As far as the taste goes, it does fare better than the burgers from Jollibee or McDonald’s. I did have a beef with the bun, though. It’s too “light” for the patty. I would have wanted a bun that’s got more meat into it, metaphorically speaking.

I must mention that I ordered my food to go. I liked the fact that it was wrapped in aluminum foil and not put in a styro box with address labels on it like in some fastfood chains. The packaging kept the heat in and I was able to enjoy a warm burger 20 minutes after I left the store.

The Service

I only two saw four people in the store. One on the kitchen, one on the cash register, and two customers. When I asked the guy on the cash register if the burger I ordered is already a meal, he said YES. So I thought it already has fries and drinks. When I got my meal, it was just the burger. I had to shell out P35 for the a large Coke. The guy should be given a lesson on what a “meal” is.

The Verdict

Hungry Hippo is definitely worth a second visit. I might even go there sometime to do some work since the place looks deserted in the afternoon and I can get some quite time in there.

(Disclaimer: This article originally appeared in my blog, Nica’s Day Out, on February 5, 2011)