Jil’s Tropical Spa and Wellness

San Pedro’s home to many day spas. One of them is the newly opened Jil’s Tropical Spa and Wellness on top of the 7-Eleven branch in Brgy Poblacion. It offers massage and other body treatments as well as facial care and spa services. Here’s my review of the spa’s services.

Location: Truth be told, the spa’s easy to miss.  There’s a narrow flight of stairs leading to the second floor of the building where the spa is located. This is not very inviting for a hesitant prospect even at day time. But for spa enthusiasts like me, the stairs mean that I will be climbing my way to a quite and relaxing day spa.

san pedro spa

Reception area at Jil’s

Design: I’ve been to several day spas in this town and let me say that this is the most beautifully-designed and spacious day spa of them all. Upon gaining entry into the spa, you’ll first notice the artificial water fall near the reception table on the left. To the right is a small waiting area with plush seating for the waiting guests.

The wooden floor is also worth mentioning. It’s the ONLY day spa in San Pedro that has this kind of elevated wooden flooring and it clearly indicated that the owner  spared no expense in creating an extravagant environment for bone weary customers. The walls are painted dark green with wall ornaments that looked expensive. Upon closer inspection, I think that it was made of dried water lily stems woven together with hemp-like string and varnished to give it a glossy finish.

Jil's spa san pedro

Here’s what my massage room looked like

The native theme extends to the the rooms. You’ll notice that the materials used for the bed, chairs, and baskets are all natural, Filipino materials. The lighting emits a soft, warm glow that makes you feel warm and cozy. There are hooks where you can hang your clothes and a drawer in the bottom of the bed where you can lock your valuables. Instead of cheap, thin linens that’s common in many day spas, Jil’s uses soft, comfy sarongs.

For couples, there are two rooms available. One is for those who’ll only avail of the massage and this is where me and my daughter had our first ever massage at Jil’s. The other room is something that’s unique to Jil’s day spa. Why? It has a large bath tub and is available for those who will avail their complete spa packages. I have never seen a day spa here in San Pedro that has a bath tub!

Spa products: Jil’s offers a wide array of signature spa products. They have different kinds of oil for different purposes. There’s the regular virgin coconut oil, healing oil, etc. I also found out from the owner, Ms. Jil Amil, that they don’t use mineral oil. If you’re not aware, mineral oil can cause allergic reactions and they’re not healthy for your skin.

I also got to try their body scrub. They have several kinds of body scrub, including cherry (which I had) and chocolate. Their chocolate body scrub smells delicious and I’ve been informed that it’s made of Hershey’s chocolate powder. These scrubs are combined with Dutch Mil milk when applied to your body.

san pedro spa

I asked the masseuse to take a picture of me after the shower.

Staff: I like my massage therapists quite. I refrain from chatting with them when I’m getting my massage and I expect them not to talk to me unless I asked a question. That’s exactly what I got from the massage therapists at Jil’s Spa. Aside from asking me what kind of pressure I wanted and telling me that I’m to turn over or hit the showers, they didn’t talk to me.

In the two instances I had my massage there, the owner was manning the front desk. She’s friendly and accomodating. She was able to convince me to become a member. I also got to talk to her about ideas for marketing their services through group buying sites.

Spa service: Though I still like the signature massage of Banahaw Heals Spa, I’m becoming fond of the massage at Jil’s. I was able to sleep on my second massage, which is the mark of a good, relaxing massage for me. I slept for more than an hour and they didn’t wake me up until they were ready to close. Turns out that my masseuse was trying to wake me up after my massage but since I was sleeping like a log, they decided to let me be until closing time. I was lucky  there were a few customers that night and the room I was in was not needed.

san pedro massage

Getting a body scrub at Jil’s is like getting a massage!

What I highly recommend that you try is their body scrub. For only P150, you’ll gety a 45- minute body scrub. Whereas some spas will only scrub you for about 15 minutes and then let the scrub rest on your body, the massage therapists at Jil’s apply the scrub using Swedish massage technique so it’s still like getting a massage. The only difference is you get to shower afterwards. I must note that when I had my scrub, I didn’t get to enjoy their hot shower. Something was wrong with the heater so the water was a bit cold. The staff and the owner apologized for it so it’s not a big issue for me. I’m sure they’ve addressed this issue by now.

Price: IMHO, Jil’s Spa offers the best value for money among the day spas here in San Pedro. You get to enjoy a nice, relaxing massage in a lavish environment for as low as P150 during off peak hours. Their body scrub is a bargain at P150 so I suggest that you try it along with the full body massage combo for a totally relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

san pedro spa

I feel relaxed after waking up from my massage

To get the best deals, I stronly suggest that you become a lifetime member for only P500. As a member, you’ll get a couple of body treatments for free, including full body massage and body scrub. You will also get a free treatment on your birthday. I availed this free treat last October 29 and I had a body scrub -body massage combo. You will also get huge discounts on all of their services. Just don’t forget to present your membership card whenever you go to the place. The membership benefits can also be used by three of your family members.

For more information about Jil’s Tropical Spa and Wellness center, you may get in touch with them at 09433137538. You can also message them through their Facebook page.