CLOSED: Pancit Malabon Express

In December of last year, I eagerly awaited the opening of Pansit Malabon Express near the municipal town hall. The building taking shape loooked awesome — glass windows and bright lights complimented the green, orange and yellow colors of the store. It looked a promising alternative to Jollibee and Chowking, the two other fastfood chains in the town center.


pancit malabon express in san pedro, laguna

Fast forward to yesterday, April 25, 2011, I was shocked to see the joint closed.  There’s a makeshift ukay-ukay blocking the doors and I saw the CLOSED sign behind the clothes’ rack. I walked away shaking my head and wondering what happened.  I was too preoccupied thinking about the why that I forgot to take a picture of the place. But I will definitely take one this week and share it with you guys.


Why, oh, why?!?

Obviously, Pansit Malabon Express didn’t  make enough money to continue its operation. It served good food and San Pedronians are very much into food. It served pansit, BBQ, lumpiang shanghai and other traditional Filipino dishes. So what caused it’s downfall? Then I realized it’s the price. It’s more expensive than local eateries and with many housewives offering pansit on short order for as low as P30, who would want to commute and dine at Pansit Malabon Express?

I just hope that the next business to open on that site would be more successful. But given the fact that the municipal government plans to relocate its main office in a new building in Cataquiz Subdivision, that would be wishful thinking.