Gido’s Sizzling & Rice Toppings

If you ever find yourself in Brgy. Sto. Nino, particularly in the new “hospital”,  be sure to drop by Gido’s Sizzling & Rice Toppings.  This hole-in-the-wall establishment is just a few meters away from the hospital and is in front of the computer institute.  I first heard about this from my brother, who frequently eats at the place with my cousin.

Facade of Gido's Sizzling & Rice Toppings at San Pedro, Laguna

The Menu

Chicke strips at Gido's San Pedro Laguna

Gido’s has a very affordable menu.  Their popular Sizzling Chicken Strips costs only P28 and comes with a cup of rice, gravy, and a small bowl of clear soup. This is my daughter’s favorite and she orders it every time we go there.

My favorite would be the Tonkatsu, which sells for P50. This is really cheap considering you get a generous slice of breaded porkchop topped with light mayo and something like soy sauce.  The meal comes with a cup of rice and a bowl of clear soup so you’re really getting your money’s worth and more with this meal.

Aside from these two favorites, you can also order crispy-fried chicken skin and sizzling. There’s also barbecue and isaw to eat while waiting for your order.

For beverage, I suggest you order soft drinks. The water, I believe, is not mineral so it may not sit well with your stomach.  Or, you can bring your own bottled water .

The Service

Tonkatsu at Gido's Sizzling & Rice Toppings, San Pedro, Laguna The girls who used to run Gido’s were standoffish. They barely smile at customers unless they personally know you. However, the day-to-day staff has recently been changed and the new ones are actually very accommodating. And if you’re a regular customer, you can expect to be attended to quickly and with a smile.


The Place

I find Gido’s a quiet place at night and you can actually talk to your companion while you’re in there. They’ve also done some cleaning and minor repairs around the place so it now looks inviting than it was before.  However, you might not find it comfortable to use their restroom since it is inside the house. I actually tried to use it once and promised myself never to do it again.

Dining Area of Gido's restaurant in San Pedro, Laguna


My Verdict

Gido’s Sizzling & Rice Toppings is a must-try for San Pedrenses who are on a budget but still want something delicious.