Hagupit ng Habagat: A Video Tour of Our House

On August 6, 2012,  the water level in Laguna de bay started rising alarmingly.  Water started entering our house in Barangay San Roque. It came through the bathroom first, making it unusuable. I decided to pack some of our things and evacuate to my aunt’s in Conpil I Village in Brgy. San Vicente together with my daughter, my niece, and my grand mother. This was around 5PM.

Early in August 7, around 6AM, my mom informed me that they’re also moving to my brother’s house in Rizal St.  It turns out that they spent half the night putting our appliances in higher places. Water has reached the living area and is about half-a-foot deep when the left. She did not expect the water to reach our rooms where most of our things are kept so we were pretty confident that we still have time to go back and haul our things to safety.

But the rains did not stop. It rained all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning. When the rains let up around 11AM, I decided to return to our house and get more of our stuff after lunch. I was in for a horrific surprise.

Overnight the water has risen rapidly and our house is waist deep in water. It reached our rooms. The mattresses are all wet along with the pillows, bed covers, and other linens.  The sofa set and the tables in the living room are submerged in water as you will see in the video below:

We decided to get the appliances, clothes, and books out of the house. I also took all the contents of our ref and some of the groceries that we have on our pantry. It was a good decision because by Friday, our house was neck deep in water.

As of now, we still haven’t returned to the house to see what else we can salvage. But one thing is definitely for sure — we’re not living meters way from Laguna de Bay anymore.