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Pamaskong Handog: St. Therese of the Child Jesus

As mentioned in my previous post, Christmas has officially started in San Pedro, Laguna with the treelighting ceremony and opening of the 2010 Pamaskong Handog series here in San Pedro. I intended to watch the presentations every night but since I spent the weekend in Puerto Galera, I missed several already.

I was, however, able to catch part of last night’s Pamaskong Handong presentation by St. Therese of the Child Jesus School. Me and my daughter watched a few minutes of a modern dance number by the school’s 3rd year students.

Below is a the programme for last night’s presentation. Thanks to Teacher Josie Conte for giving me her copy of it. Hopefully, I can get a schedule of the rest of the presenations later at PAIO.

St. Therese of the Child Jesus School Presentation

Part I

I.     Doxlogy – Selected Annex Students
II.    Philippine National Anthem
III.   Intermission – Drum and Lyre
IV.    Panunuluyan

Part II

V.     Folk Dance – Selected Grade 4-6 Students (Annex)
VI.    Folk Dance – Grade 5(Main)
VII.   Folk Dance – 3rd Year (Main)
VIII.  Folk Dance – 4th Year (Main)
IX.    Folk Dance – 1st Year (Main)

Part III

X.     Jingle Bell Rock- 4th Yr Girls Main and Selected Primary Students
XI.    Modern Dance- Selected High School Students
XII.   Song Number by Gian Oliver
XIII.  Modern Dance – 2nd Year St. Jude
XIV.   Sabayang Bigkas – Grade 4 (Annex)
XV.    Rock and Roll – Grade 5 (Annex)
XVI.   Ballroom – Grade 2 Annex
XVII.  Song Number by Kylan Tiongson
XVIII. Acoustic Number by Kiesha Nicole and Ivanne
XIX.   Modern Dance – 2nd Year – Selected Students (Main)
XX.    Modern Dance- Sports Club (Main)
XXI.   Modern Dance- 2nd Year St. Vincent (MAIN)
XXII.  Song Number by Michelle Ann & Alister
XXIII. Song Number by Janelle, E.J, & Rosel
XXIV.  Modern Dance – selected 3rd Year Students
XXV.   Modern Dance – selected 4th Year Students
XXVI.  Chrismas Ballroom Dance – High School Annex
XXVII. Santa Claus is coming to town Mr. Ed Cangco
XXVIII. Star ng Pasko – All Participants

Since I didn’t bring my phone last night, I wasn’t able to take pictures. But I will be emailing a link to this post to Ms. Josie Conte and hopefully I can update this post with pictures from the event, or I can just make a separate post.

Update as of December  7, 2010: I received the schedule of presentations via email from the PAIO. It seems that this annual event is no longer called Pamaskong Handog but Paskuhan. I will be using PASKUHAN in future posts.


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