San Pedro Got Smart Talent 2013

Local dance group The One bagged the grand prize in the first ever San Pedro Got Smart Talent 2013 held at San Pedro Town Plaza, February 17.

The boys wowed the judges and the audience with their gravity-defying stunts and kick-ass choreography inspired by modern vampire mythology.  For a glimpse of this world-class performance, watch the video below.

Grabbing second place is a lad from Barangay Landayan (sorry forgot his name!) who sang an a “kundiman” song.  He grew up listening to this kind of music from his grandmother. You can watch his performance in this video.

Finally, the third place wen to Kid’s Club, another dance group.  I didn’t see them perform but here’s a photo of them with their trophy.

Kid's Club - San Pedro Got Smart Talent 2013

Kid’s Club – San Pedro Got Smart Talent 2013

The San Pedro Got Smart Talent 2013 contest is one of the highlights of the Sampaguita Festival 2013 and was sponsored by Smart Communication. To view other videos related to this festival, click on the link below:

Watch Sampaguita Festival 2013 videos

Sampaguita Festival 2013

Sampaguita Festival 2013 - San Pedro, LagunaSan Pedrenses are in for a festive treat for the next two weeks as  our beloved town celebrates Sampaguita Festival 2013 from February 11-24. An annual celebration, this festival showcases the talent, beauty, and athleticism of the youth in San Pedro, Laguna.

Events to look foward to include the Children’s Mardi Gras (February 16), 2nd Sampaguita Cheer Dancing Competition (February 16),  San Pedro Got Smart Talent (February 17), Mr & Ms Young San Pedro (February 19), Sampaguita Festival Grande Parade (February 22), and the Ginuman Fest (February 23) sponsored by Ginebra San Miguel. All these events will be held at the San Pedro Town Plaza.

Sampaguita Festival 2013

For a complete list of events for this year’s festivities, please refer to the image below.

(Note: Events taken from a calendar of events found in the Mayor Calixto R. Cataquiz’ page.  But since the image was unreadable, blogger decided to create one of her own)


Sampaguita Festival 2013 Schedule of events