CLOSED: Pancit Malabon Express

In December of last year, I eagerly awaited the opening of Pansit Malabon Express near the municipal town hall. The building taking shape loooked awesome — glass windows and bright lights complimented the green, orange and yellow colors of the store. It looked a promising alternative to Jollibee and Chowking, the two other fastfood chains in the town center.


pancit malabon express in san pedro, laguna

Fast forward to yesterday, April 25, 2011, I was shocked to see the joint closed.  There’s a makeshift ukay-ukay blocking the doors and I saw the CLOSED sign behind the clothes’ rack. I walked away shaking my head and wondering what happened.  I was too preoccupied thinking about the why that I forgot to take a picture of the place. But I will definitely take one this week and share it with you guys.


Why, oh, why?!?

Obviously, Pansit Malabon Express didn’t  make enough money to continue its operation. It served good food and San Pedronians are very much into food. It served pansit, BBQ, lumpiang shanghai and other traditional Filipino dishes. So what caused it’s downfall? Then I realized it’s the price. It’s more expensive than local eateries and with many housewives offering pansit on short order for as low as P30, who would want to commute and dine at Pansit Malabon Express?

I just hope that the next business to open on that site would be more successful. But given the fact that the municipal government plans to relocate its main office in a new building in Cataquiz Subdivision, that would be wishful thinking.


Shakey’s Pacita: Serving Hot Pizza 24×7

One of the things that I love about San Pedro is that it never sleeps.  The numerous 24-hour fastfood restaurants in this first class municipality is a testament to that.  We have two  24-hour Jollibee branches, a 24-hour McDonald’s in Elvinda, and, now, we have a 24-hour Shakey’s in Pacita! How cool is that?

pacita complex laguna


I learned about this about three weeks ago when Gabby started taking oil painting lessons with San Pedro’s local artist, Larry Ballesteros, in the first week of April. But according to one of their wait staff, they’ve been serving hot pizza 24×7 to locals since October of 2010. Hmmm.. how come no one told me about this? It doesn’t matter, I am here now and my order of  a regular  Belly Buster just arrived.


Who dines at Pizza Hut at near midnight?

Families! When we walked in, there were four families enjoying their freshly-cooked meals. There’s also a couple on a date seated near the washing area. Two women ( I think they are sisters) in their house clothes just walked in and it seems they’re ready for some  midnight snack.

san pedro laguna


Oh, a group of 10 barkadas just walked in!  (12:08 AM). Obviously I am writing this post while dining at Shakey’s.


Shakey’s Pizzanatic SuperCard

As always, the waiter would ask me if I have a SuperCard. I have thought about getting one before but I don’t eat a lot at Shakey’s since I absolutely love Pizza Hut. But  since I plan on dining here at nights, I think it’s just wise that I get one. Why? Here are the benefits of the Pizzanatic SuperCard:

  • 10% discount on dine-in and take out transcations
  • Free pizza, either Hawaiian Delight or Pepperoni, when you order large or party size pizza, except Classic Cheese and Garlic & Cheese
  • 2 1.5 liters of Coke when you call in for a Grand Slam pizza for delivery
  • Free large Thin Crust Pepperoni pizza when you dine in on your birthday


To get a hold of your own Shakey’s Pizzanatic Supercard, you have to fill out a form and pay a one-time fee of P299. You will be issued a temporary card that you can use on your next visit. The permanent card will be issued to you after three months. This SuperCard is valid for a year and you can use it on any Shakey’s branch around the country.

shakeys loyalty card


Earn Points With Your Shakey’s Pizzanatic Card

Everytime you use your Pizzanatic SuperCard, you will earn points. Guests will earn a point for every P100 purchase. You can use these points on your next dine-in visit.


Watch Out for Carlos

By the way, our server for the night was Carlos.  He’s about 5’8, of average built, and definitely an eye-catcher. My mom called him “pogi.” (LOL). With his good set of teeth, he’s your regular boy next door.  I would have loved to take a picture of him but that would seem too creepy so you just have to dine it late at night if you want to see him. :)